While most people use their smartphone cameras capturing selfies, a selfless invention of of Portable Vision Examination was created with the use of a smartphone cam to diagnose vision impairment. Yaopeng Zhou, one of the winners of Verizon Powerful Answers Award 2013, has a vision that this could be a new way to have eyeglasses.

With Yaopeng Zhou’s innovation,  250 million people around the world with vision impairment could be helped, especially those in the third world country. In the video posted by Verizon Wireless, Zhou presents his vision and innovation. According to him a lot of people in the developing world do not wear eyeglasses due to lack of doctors and equipment. Eye equipment are very expensive and could not be afforded by most in the third world.

Smartphone Camera Used for Portable Vision Examination by Smart Vision Labs’ SVOne

With Smart Vision Labs’ SVOne, the person just have to look through the phone and then the phone would give digital prescriptions. It uses two tools that are often used by professionals for an eyes test. Autorefractor calculates the measurement of the size and shape of the eye, giving insights if the person is nearsighted or farsighted. The other tool is called aberrometer, which looks into how the eye reflects of the eyes and detect distortions.

It is mobile, low coast and can be used by anyon as said by Marc Albanese, Zhou’s co-founder of Smart Vision Labs. The Smart Vision Labs was built by Albanese and Zhou in 2013. They have met more than a decade ago while developing a visionary scanning laser ophthalmoscope in a program joined by Boston University and Schepens Eye Research Institute. Now, the Smart Vision Labs team are working together to give one billion people an access to eye care.

Eye care facilities are very expensive but though SVOne, it would be priceless for those who can’t afford a specialist. Reference: smartvisionlab

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