Governor of Camarines Norte Edgardo Tallado finally did a public statement to his constituents a week after his photos and video with his alleged mistress had circulated around the various social media sites. The governor admitted that he had been through some weaknesses and he did a mistake, reaching out for understanding, he then  asked the provincial public employees and his supporters to forgive him.

He also asked his political rivals to stop spreading the photos and video on Facebook and the like. He said that the issue does not involve his job as a public servant. His political assailants should only detract him with regards to his work. He further said that the issue is not about him pocketing the public funds.

Tallado had been involved in a scandal after his photos and video involving intimate moments with his alleged 24 year old mistress had been posted online. To make the matter worst and attention grabbing, on October 20, he had been on TV announcing the disappearance of his wife, Josie Tallado together with her friend. The wife then surfaced on national TV after a few days of supposedly ‘missing’ to clarify her side of the story.

Gov. Edgardo Tallado's Public Statement Related to Photos & Video with Alleged Mistress

Apparently, the wife said that she was not missing and in fact, she flee from her home for fear that her husband might do something to her. According to her televised interview, Tallado had discovered that she had seen the obscene video of him and his alleged young mistress. He accused her of posting the scandalous photos and video online and then confiscated her phone and laptop. Mrs. Tallado further said that it was the first time that she had seen him so furious, he even held a gun. She had escaped, claiming that she did not feel safe in her home again. Reference: interaksyon

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