PS4 as announced in Sony Playstation’s Twitter account. As said by IGN, the version had been on its way and was called under the name Masamune codename.

It had been said to have a wider range of new features such as live broadcasting along with theme support and improved voice commands. It also now supports a USB port where a player can attache a USB and transfer music to the PS4, making it possible to enjoy their choice of music while playing.

Share Play aspect is a feature of the new software update that allows a player to invite another player to in the game via online. To make it better, there is no need to worry if the invited friend does not have the game the player has. The invitation will still be valid despite that the invited friend did not have the particular game.

PS4 Released Latest Software Update Sony PlayStation App 2.0 Version

This aims to make the gaming more fun and more interactive among PS4 users. The update is a promising tool to make people play together despite not being in the same room physically. It was August 2014 when Sony had updated the press about the development of the new PS4 version, but it was only later that they had announced the exact date for the release.
Other features in the new updated version are the library and content. Sony’s PlayStation had been known to give explicit gaming experience to the gamer, and they had always aimed for the better quality devices and services to live up to its reputation.

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