PhotoMath is an app that solves mathematical problems in just a few clicks with the help of smartphone. This app is a dream come true for most people who can’t stand math problems and has trouble finding ‘x’.

According to PhotoMath website, the app can read and solve mathematical expressions scanned through the smartphone’s camera in real time. It does not just simply solve the problem for the user, it also teaches how it had reached the answer with the step by step explanation, making it the the most futuristic version of a calculator.

The team behind PhotoMath boasts that the application can show the solution of the captured expression and equations with ‘human-like’ solving steps. It supports features such as arithmetic equations, powers and roots, fractions and decimals,and simple linear equations.

Amazing PhotoMath App can Solves Mathematical Problems or Equations in Just Few Clicks Using Smartphone

PhotoMath can be downloaded through smartphones supported by Windows and iOS, while Adroid users would have to wait until 2015 to start experiencing futuristic application. In the written description attached to PhotoMath apps downloaded in iPhones and other devices supported by Apple’s iOS, it says that the app is the first camera calculator ever. The user can just simply point the camera towards the equation.

With the apps downloaded in handsets supported by Windows, the descriptions also says that the app can not handle handwritten equations as of the moment.

While it shows every step for solving the equation, a netizen pointed out that it does not tell you why you do each step, or the rationale behind the solution.

While many still debate whether the application really helps the students learn mathematics or just help them get past a problem, PhotoMath is still subject for more improvements and new additions of features. References: gizmodo photomath

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