As part the 75th Diamond Jubilee Celebration of Quezon City, people gathered in Quezon Memorial Circle on October 12 to grab the Guinness World Record of Largest Zumba amids the pelting rain.

The colossal zumba event joined by other residents from adjacent cities, was planned to be held in the whole park, with the target of 9 thousand people to beat India’s record of 6,671. While Mayor Herbert Bautista shared to the people that the Zumba Party aimed to give people a fun-filled experience, heavy hair poured down on the participants. According to a kagawad, there should have been more participants if only the weather had permitted.

Due the heavy rain many participants doubted it the event will push through but the organizers decided to continue the event despite calling off the attempt for the record making the Quezon Memorial Circle packed with grooving people wearing colorful shirts and braving the weather . However, some was not able to withstand the weather and the crowd and fainted. Quezon City officials proved to be ready and attended to them immediately.

Philippines Attempt to Grab the Guinness World Record of Largest Zumba Dance Failed last October 12, 2014
Photo Courtesy of Faith Dayrit
While some are disappointed since they had spent hours in the park to register and wait to be a part of the record just for it to be canceled, many had also voiced out that they had enjoyed a once in a lifetime opportunity to be a part of a big zumba party.

Philippines Attempt to Grab the Guinness World Record of Largest Zumba Dance Pictures
Photo Courtesy of Faith Dayrit
Quezon City had been giving free weekly zumba classes in different barangays under the management of the barangay officials. It aims to make people have fun socially and be fit at the same time. The grand Zumba Guinness attempt was guided by Zumba Instruction Networks headed by Madelle Paltu-ob, a professional zumba instructor. The event was hosted by Regine Tolentino and Andrew E made a show that people had greatly enjoyed.

Organizers of the event thanked the participants and invited them again as they would once more attempt for the record in another date that would soon be announced.

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