It was Tuesday night when the police had arrested Michael Flores, their main suspect for the murder of the actress Cherie Pie Picache’ mom. Flores then underwent on medical procedures.

The suspect had been in hiding since the crime of alleged robbery and murder of Zenaida Sison amidst the storm last Sepetember 9 in her house Quezon City. National Bureau of Investigation had the case opened in their agency since September 24 as requested by the bereaved family to hasten the case.

Picache and the other members of the family had met the NBI agents last Tuesday and they were shown pieces of evidence to help them solve the case and gain a lead. One of the evidence is a closed-circuit footage of the primary suspect named Michael Flores.

Michael Flores Suspect for Cherie Pie Picache Death Now on Police Custody

In the crime scene, the suspect had left a pair of shorts and a t-shirt that was thought of the police as Flores’ garments. It was during a big storm so it might be that the suspect also took some time to change his clothes.

According to Ferdianand Calunsag, Picache’s family lawyer, they are about to file a case as soon as possible. The investigative team, on the other hand, believes that they are still other suspects at large based on the statements of the interviewed witnesses.

Police had validated the case as robbery and murder since there are cash and valuables missing in the scene of the crime. Sison’s body was discovered by Picache’s driver. I was during the storm and the actress got worried that her mom was not answering her calls, so she decided to go to their house in Quezon City. Upon seeing that something is amiss about the place, she asked their driver to check out the house which lead to the discovery of the crime. Reference: gmanetwork

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