As was announced by Microsoft on October 21, Nokia Lumia will be named as Microsoft Lumia. Nokia had been known in the history as one of the pioneers of cellular phones that had been introduced, especially in the Philippines. Recently, it had been reported that Microsoft was able to take over Nokia and their brands, thus the change of the brand name and a promise of more new innovative handsets.

According to the Microsoft’s Senior Vice President of Marketing for Phones at Microsoft, Tuula Rytilä, the company is going with a transition starting with its website, touch points and soon on the products, packaging, and retail.

Lumia had joined the Office, Skype, XBox, Bing, and Windows as part of the Microsoft. With a legacy left behind by Nokia, people got curious on when will Microsoft Lumia Windows phone will be released.Rytilä was not able to give details but promised that people will soon see the new brand name Microsoft Lumia in a handset.

Nokia Lumia Named as Microsoft Lumia Starting October 21, 2014

Rytilä also promised that they will still continue quality customer care and will still regards the Nokia’s warranty. Many suspect that the first name change will come into flesh with  AT&T’s released of Nokia Lumia 830 on November 7 will actually be the release of Microsoft Lumia 830. Microsoft will hold unto Nokia’s vision of exceptional phone experiences that the consumers had always known.

Microsoft Lumia devices will surely be supported by the apps known to Microsoft such as Bing and Office, to let the user make the most out of the handset in their workplace.

While many felt nostalgic as the announcement that Nokia had been taken over by Microsoft, many are also excited on the innovations that will be brought by the new management since Microsoft is also known to give quality devices, services and applications.

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