The so called umbrella of the future that shoots of air to protect the user from the rain had gathered different reactions from netizens. Through Kickstarter the startup team of the ‘invisible umbrella’ creators are trying to gather funds to develop the product into a phase where consumers can actually use it.

Currently planned with three designs, the ‘Air umbrella’ looked like a short handle of an umbrella powered by rechargeable batteries. The edge of the air umbrella has holes where jets of air will come out to protect the person from the rain while the controller and the master switch are on the other edge.

According to Air Umbrella team, the greater energy depends on how fast the air moves. The jet airflow has the ability to isolate some object such as raindrops. It can form in invisible umbrella.

Meet the World First Invisible Umbrella Called 'Air umbrella'

They had designed different umbrellas according to this theory with the postgraduates of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics from July 2012 to August 2013. One design was able to protect one or two people from the rain but it still needs improvement, thus they need more funding.  With the best design that they made, they made three variations.

‘B’ is the basic style, ‘A’is designed for females and ‘C’ is designed as scalable. As of now the battery life of the B umbrella is only for 30 minutes. The team aims to make it longer.

The team aims to improve the product’s appearance and auxiliary function by July 2015. By September, 2015, the first improved products are planned to come out of the factory and by December 2015, it will be sent to their lucky supporters

The netizens considered if this Air Umbrella will be practical in the Philippines since the rain usually takes days and with heavy winds during rainy season. Only time can tell since the product is still in it’s developing stage. Reference: kickstarter

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