Alleged iPhone 6 prototype is now making a buzz online as the owner is putting it up on eBay for bidding until October 9. As of October 5, it had fetched 64 bids reaching up to $50,100. The rare prototype was said to be accidentally sent to a Verizon customer, but instead of returning, the person put it up on eBay for bid under the name of kimberlyk1018.

As said by the owner, the prototype does not have the iOS customer version, but it has the internal applications Apple uses for testing devices. Other than the word “iPhone” and the company’s very famous trademark, there is no other markings in the body. There is also a red mark around the lightning port that the seller said to be a genuine sign that it is indeed a prototype.

Look! Alleged iPhone 6 Prototype is Now Making a Buzz Online with $50,100 Bids

The seller even bravely said that indeed, Apple would not want this gadget to get into the hands of those not part of the company, however, the seller added that she is selling it for it is a rare opportunity for people to have a chance like this.

While the seller cannot guarantee if it could call or if the camera works, she can guarantee that it has a capacity of 64GB. There is no way to be sure if the device actually works like the customer version of iPhone 6, but surely the seller would ship it for free together with the box and accessories.

The legal issues concerned about the selling of iPhone prototype is not clear as of now and some even speculates that if Apple finds out about this, they would ask eBay to shut it down and conduct internal investigation as to how this incident happened and how a prototype came into the possession of an unknown person. References: thenextweb, ebay, gmanetwork

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