Lenovo finally joins in the market of wearable health related gadgets as they introduce the Lenovo Smartband SW-B100 in their website. The hip rectangular design of the Smartband seemed to be created for the youth who are also now beginning to be health conscious and yet had always been out expressing their fashion statements.

With even a lauch in a common press release, the smartwatch had suddenly made its way to the Lenovo’s site. It says in the website that the new smartband track the person’sday to da exercise, heart and rate. The fitness tracker also has the ability to automatically log into the PC without a password in addition to the usual features of smartwears that can check notifications and track vital signs.

There had been hints of the release of the smartband and that it will be supported by a more basic OS. Available in blue and gry, Lenovo boasts that it can sync with devices with Android 4.3 versions, and iPads or iPhones running with the  iOS7.1.

Lenovo Smartband SW-B100 a Wearable Fitness Tracker Gadgets

The user of Lenovo Smartband SW-B100 can also track their sleep patterns. Notifications can be customized for the convenience at home and at work. While it tracks the vitals, it can also track exercise with calories, steps and distance. It also has the ability to show text messages, call logs and calendar appointments when connected to the compatible smartphone.

With an app design for it, the smartwatch can make a graph of daily, weekly and monthly tracking data. While the price is not yet disclosed, many think that the smart wear is more promising due to the fact that it can be sync with more compatible devices, it is stylish, it shows more data and it can automatically connect with a PC.

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