Award winning Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence had finally broke her silence and had spoken publicly after her naked photos were hacked and posted online. She expressed how much anger she feels and called the leak as ‘sex crime’.

In an exclusive interview with Vanity Fair, the rising Hollywood star shared how she felt violated and afraid of what the hacked photos could do to her career. She added that being a public figure and an actress doesn’t mean that she had asked for it. Her cover story with the magazine will come out in print on October 14 while it would be seen online this on October 9.

She admitted that she felt disgusted by those who had looked at and hacked her photos. It really hurts her that people had done it without her permission since it should be her choice because it is her body. She could not believe what our world had turned into and how could people sexually exploit and violate others just to make money. The 24 year old Hunger Games star called it a sex crime and not just a simple scandal. For her, it is a serious case of sexual violation.

Jennifer Lawrence Finally Broke Her Silence Publicly Related to Naked Photos Hacked

She revealed that the photos were meant to her then boyfriend while they were in a long distance relationship. She had described her four year long distance relationship as loving, great and healthy.

She tried to maintain her humor as she tell Vanity Fair how she told her father about the hacked photos. She said that she did not care enough about the money she earned in Hunger Games if she had to tell her father about her leaked photos. She added that it is not worth it. She then humorously added that fortunately her father was playing golf and in a good mood that time.

It was last month when hackers posted nude photos of Lawrence and other celebrities online. Google failed to take down the photos immediately and was then threaten by the celebrities that they would sue the search engine’s company that could cause $100 million. Reference: gmanetworkinteraksyon

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