Here are the things that you must know about the PLDTs offer of free internet access. Each Sun, Smart and TNT subscribers must be informed the following to be able to enjoy the free service and maximize the use of internet with their smartphones.

Manny V. Pangilinan announced the free data service last September 26 which gave excitement to most of their subscribers. The question is ‘Is there a catch’?

Important Things You Must Know about PLDT's Free Moblie Internet Promo (Sun, Smart and TNT)
  • Yes, in a sense the offer is free, but users must know that they should have to maintain at least one peso in their load to be able to use the account. This is not a charge but just a balance to keep using the data service.
  • The service is said to be through 3G, 4G and LTE. While it sounds good, the speed still depends on the device, the site the user is located and the time of the day when a lot of users surf the net at the same time. The telco company promised a speed of at least 12kbps.
  • Everyday each user can use 30MB of data. You would be informed if you already used it up and you would be given a choice whether to continue or set back for another day.
  • With 30MB you can post 20 status with photos, load 50 web pages, send 20 plain emails and have 15 minutes of music streaming.
  • While you have 30MB for free, watching videos via YouTube, downloading files such as through torrents and sending messages through chat apps such as Viber and WeChat would be charged with regular fees.
  • Post-paid subscribers are not included with the free service.
  • Smart telco promised that the internet speed won’t be compromised despite the number of users who would avail of it.
  • The free internet would only last until November 30, so enjoy it while it is still there at your fingertips.
  • Consumers would greatly enjoy the service since the telco giants would try to out do the service of each other, bringing out more offers to their customers. 
This was called as an ‘initial offer’, the free internet service starting September 26, until November 30, 2014. After the more than two months of free data usage, the company would then study and assess if the service would continue without any payments. Reference: interaksyon

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