The controversial domain have been reported to fetch $200 thousand dollars as it was bought by a marijuana company named Weed Growth Fund as reported by Blue String Ventures who sold the domain. According to Yahoo News, on October 20, 2014, a filing was done in Securities and Exchange Commission showing Blue String Industries was paid by Weed Growth Fund with $50 thousand cash and 19,192 shares of a company specializing in recreational marijuana called Cannabis Sativa.

 Blue String Ventures co-owner, Chris Hood, shared his views of the issue that his company is taking advantage of the outbreak of the disease. He said that his company does not exploit from the panic with the Ebola virus. He simply said that his company is not causing the disease, prevents treatment nor causes fear, they just watch their investment in a certain URL.

Controversial Domain Sold for 200 Thousand Dollars

The controversy surrounded the Issue of the sold domain created by Blue String Ventures when an article in Washington Post said that Hood’s co-owner , Jon Schultz was called a merchant of disease. On the other hand, the issue seemed to even added on the popularity of the site and increased people’s interest on it. Hood viewed the issue as beneficial instead.

The sold URL is not the only disease related domain sold by the company, they are also behind the domains and Though the domain may seem to be controversial, the company had sold domain names that had cost thousands to million dollars. Hood compared their business with real estate business where they are trying to sell a property. The fact that they have domain names about unpleasant issues does not mean that they capitalize on any tragedy. Reference; yahoo

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