Globe Duo International  slashed off 96% from its service charges. Unlimited calls can be availed from anywhere in USA, Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, and  UK to Philippines for just $1. The service called Globe Duo International assigns you with a US landline number that you can use to receive calls from anywhere in the globe.

With the ever growing community of OFWs around the world, Filipinos still had the wonderful value of being family oriented, with this in mind Globe had developed the Duo International Service, and this month they offer a bigger service by giving a 96% discount. From the original price of $25, the charge is now $1 until October 31.
Avail Globe Duo International Promo with 96% Discounted Price: Unlimited Calls from 24 International Countries to Philippines for Just $1
Image courtesy from Globe
How to subscribe with Globe DUO International?

1. Through Debit/Credit card- fill out the DUO International form found in Globe’s website and then pay with your Visa Debit/Credit card or Master card.

2. Through SMS- if you have no card, just simply ask your contact person in the Philippines who is a TM or Globe prepaid user to subscribe via SMS for just Php45 until October 31, 2014. Just simply text the appropriate SMS code found in Globe website then send it to 8888. For USA, key in ‘DUO US 45’ then send it to 8888.

A local number in the Philippines would be assigned with a local number in the registered country. In other words, if you are in the Philippines and you registered for the service of Duo International USA, a local USA number would be assigned to you so your loved one in USA can call it with less charge.

This service does not require any call cards, internet connection such as data service and WiFi. Any phone can be used to call the assigned local number. For 30 days or the whole month of October, you can talk with each other without any rush. Take your time, the best gift you could ever have. References: duointernational

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