Chief Supt. Alexander Ignacio admitted that he is now consulting for legal actions against model Alyzza Agustin. In his message to Abs-Cbn, Ignacio said that he is willing to file charges against the men’s magazine model for what she had done and for using his name to escape a traffic violation.

In his exclusive message given to Inquirer, PNP Directorate for Plans chief Ignacio would not let Agustin off the hook after she had damaged his name and had given his family embarrassment. He also said that he would initially and willingly consult PNP Legal service and CIDG ( Criminal Investigation and Detection Group) with regards of the issue.

Chief Supt. Alexander Ignacio Admitted Consulting Legal Actions Against Model Alyzza Agustin

On the controversial post that had started the issue with the FHM model, she showed the business card of PNP Directorate for Plans Police Dir. Alexander Ignacio. At the back of the card, there is a short note asking anyone to assist his ‘EA’, accompanied by his signature. She then put a caption saying that she was once again caught wit a traffic violation and because of the said card, she was able to sway away from any reprimands and then ended it with a hashtag, #happy kid.

The traffic violation was that she drove her car despite knowing that it is against the color coding scheme. Chief Supt. Alexander Ignacio denied knowing the model and said that his office do not have Executive Assistants. He also clarified that he is a Chief Superintendent and not as indicated in the posted business card saying that he is a Director. He stood his ground that he would not tolerate the use of his name to escape the law and get away with any violations.

As soon as the post created a buzz, Agustin deleted the post, apologized, denied knowing the ‘director’ and deactivated her Facebook account. Reference: abs

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