Gabriel was able to get into Fraco’s house to get Jacq they seemed to run out of time. Franco meanwhile asked Tessa to take care of his wedding and make it special. Gabriel told Isabelle that he and his father are making plans and ways to get her and her daughters from Franco. Isabelle gave her diary to Gabriel and asked him to pass it on to Samuel.

Franco came home and finally let Jacq out. He said that he is just hurting his family because they are fighting him. Jacq tried to voice out her feelings but Franco tried to cut her off by hitting her. Isabelle tried to stop him. Franco said that they are his family and they belong to him.

Gabriel was angry at Franco and told his father about everything that had happened in Franco’s mansion. He had given his father Isabelle’s diary. Samuel read each page, reminiscing their past from childhood till the time they had fallen in love with each other. Each page tells of a story of love that it yet to be fulfilled. Samuel had shared his feelings of sadness to Gabriel and his dream to finally be with Isabelle.

ABS-CBN Ikaw Lamang October 9 Episode Summary: Mistakes Will be Set Right

Natalia had a fight with Jacq. Jacq told her to stop being blind with the reality and see the truth that has been happening. Natalia unleashed her anger at Jacq once again and said that maybe Jacq is the one being blind because Gabriel just used Natalia to get to their father.

Gabriel shared his feeling to Lupe. Lupe told him that Isabelle did to much sacrifice in the hands of Franco. She said that Samuel also loved his mother Mona but his love for Isabelle is different.

Isabelle told Natalia how pretty she had grown. She spomised her daughter that she would never grow tired of asking for her love and forgiveness. Natalia said that it would never happen.

Samuel and Gabriel gear up for taking Isabelle and Jacq. They plan to intercept the bridal car on the way to the church. Isabelle specifically asked Franco if she could ride the car with her daughters just as Gabriel asked her to do. Franco gave his approval, confident that he is able to stop Samuel.

Samuel told Gabriel that he is worried since he and Isabelle had tried to escape many times and they just end up failing and getting other people hurt. They had continued the plan but was surprised that the car they had intercepted was a decoy.

What do Samuel and Gabriel plan now that they had failed? How can Isabelle and her daughters escape when Samuel’s plan had failed? Did Franco really won his family back? Will Tessa still continue to heed with Franco’s wishes though she loves him more and gets more hurt? Read all other Episode Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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