Jacq and Gabriel agreed to meet. Gabriel loves her so much that he can’t stay away despite knowing that she is Franco’s daughter. Jacq lied to Franco saying that she would just meet her friends. Natalia told Franco that her sister might go with Gabriel. Gabriel and Jacq did not stop themselves from hugging each other, meanwhile, Natalia told Franco that Jacq loves the son of his mortal enemy.

Gabriel said that he loves Jacq and asked for apologies for giving up on her, now he decided to fight for their love. Jacq also apologized for not believing him about her father. She warned him about Franco and his dark plans but Gabriel said that her father already tried to kill him and his family. Surprised to know that his father is allive, Jacq revealed Isabelle’s secret to him.

Gabriel accepted that fate had intertwined their lives and asked her never to give up again. He had already realized that despite being Franco’s daughter, Jacq is different from him and their love deserves a chance.

Ikaw Lamang October 6 Episode Summary: The Confrontations

Gabriel took Jacq home to introduce her to his family. Samuel was shock to see Isabelle’s face again and could not stop himself from hugging her. Her cried seeing the face of the girl he had loved for so long. Jacq told them all that Isabelle is alive and currently in Franco’s house. They are in danger and she is now asking for their help.

Tessa finally told Franco that Isabelle never forgot anything. He was reluctant at first until she showed the video of Isabelle saying the truth to Jacq. With his anger, he decided to keep Isabelle imprisoned in his house again once they move out.

Gabriel asked Jacq how she could stay by him, she said it is all because of love. He is so worried for her and wanted her to get away from Franco. She promised to help them in their revenge and promised to take care of herself. He promised that everything will be okay in the end.

When Jacq came home, she saw Franco hurting Isabelle, making her shout at him and alerting Gabriel and Samuel. Franco ordered his security guards to take his wife and daughter to his hidden mansion and Samuel and Gabriel could not do anything but ti hide as they women they love were whisked away.

How would Gabriel save Jacq? Would there be a happy ending with for Samuel and Isabelle? What would Natalia be willing to do to have her revenge? Read all other Episode Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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