Franco’s recent plan to kill Samuel failed when Gabriel came just in time. Jacq told Isabelle not to heed to any request of Natalia since her older sister does not treat her like their mother. Natalia intentionally spilled juice on her mother and said that Isabelle should stop acting nice to her. Natalia vowed to never forgive her. Isabelle asked the sisters not to fight but they ended up physically fighting when Natalia won’t stop disrespecting their mother

Natalia unleashed her rage telling how much pain she suffered being disappointed when Isabelle never came back for her. She now asks Isabelle to just die. Upon hearing this, Franco slapped her which made her walk out with tears. Tessa went after her, saying that Natalia did well and they should make Isabelle and Jacq get out of their lives.

Jacq consoled Isabelle but their mother just wanted them to be happy together. Isabelle said that she did her best to be with Natalia but failed. Isabelle admitted that she never lost her memory. Unfortunately, Tessa was able to record a video of this revelation. Isabelle was happy that Jacq was safe with the Sangalangs but the event had turned. She had revealed the worst of Franco to Jacq. Isabelle revealed her sufferings in the hand of Franco that might happen again if he learns that she remembers everything. This broke Jacq’s heart, but the younger daughter has stronger will than her mom.

Jacq saw her father getting angry and hitting his hitmen. She was shocked to see his real character and Isabelle wanted Jacq to stay away from Franco. Jacq also realized that Gabriel was right about her father and she must warn him.
Ikaw Lamang October 3 The 150th Episode Summary: Isabelle vs Tessa

Samuel wanted to convince Gabriel to fight for his love since he had known Jacq even before they knew she is Andrea, Franco’s daughter. Gabriel was afraid that they might end up with the same fate as his father and Isabelle especially that their lives were ruined with the jealousy and selfishness of Franco.

Gabriel was confuse because he learned that Samuel still loved Isabelle. Lupe tols him their story and how Mona, his mother, knew about it and still loved Samuel anyway. She challenged Gabriel to fight for his love like his father.

Franco announced that he would renew his wedding vows with Isabelle and this brought shock to everyone.

Would Gabriel finally fight for his love for Jacq? Would Isabelle escape Franco’s clasps? Would Natalia stay blind with rage? Would Tessa still stop at nothing to keep Franco for herself? What would Jacq do to keep Gabriel safe? Read all other Episode Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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