The sister had jut been reconciled and Natalia had bid a temporary farewell to her new family as she goes back to her father’s home. Natalia asked for Gabriel’s forgiveness as her father had ruined his family. She asked him to take care of her younger sister. Gabriel asked for her forgiveness as he used her love in the past to revenge against Franco. He wished her well and wanted her to find a guy that will love her forever.

Natalia finally got home to Franco. She told her father that she still loves him as her father. Natalia wanted to express how much she missed Isabelle and longed for her but she needed to act like she did not care at all. She also acted like she is still close with Tessa. Isabelle put some flowers in Natalia’s bedroom, she liked it but pretended that she hated it.

She asked Franco where was Jacq. Franco expressed his bitterness over Jacq and Natalia approved of it. Meanwhile, Jacq and Gabriel are worried over Natalia and Isabelle. They are scared of what might happen if Franco discovers their plan.

ABS-CBN Ikaw Lamang October 21 Episode Summary: The Last 4 Days

Natalia secretly talked with Isabelle. She asked for forgiveness because she knew she had hurt her mother’s feelings. She explained her plan and how she had discovered how vile her father was.

Franco saw Natalia coming out of her mother’s room. She said that she just told Isabelle how she hated her. Franc asked her to forgive her mother. Natalia then texted Gabriel about her how her plans are going.

Isabelle took pills to kill herself, Natalia saw her and opted to stay at home while Franco and Tessa took her mother to the hospital. The doctor said she needed more time for Isabelle, but actually, Gabriel and his team are already trying to take Isabelle away. It is part of their plan. Swiftly, they tried to get out of the hospital.

Natalia opened her father’s vault to take away some evidence to bring Franco down. Tessa went home to retrieve the pills Isabelle was supposed to have taken. Tessa immediately called Franco in the hospital to tell him that it was all an act.

Franco saw Isabelle trying to escape. He tried to run after them. They jumped behind the truck but Gabriel was left behind to lure Franco away. He was able to escape and get away from Franco. Everybody were safe in Gabriel’s place. They had all united with tears in their eyes.

Will their victory be for long? What will the evidence in Natalia’s hands do in their plan? Will it be enough to bring down Franco? Read all other Episode Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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