Gabriel is overwhelmed by the news that the boss he had been getting close with is his father. He seemed to be shocked and in denial learning that the couple he had treat as his parents lied to him. He ran out of the hospital unable to deal with the truth and cried in anguish remembering his hardships when he grew up without his real parents. He remembered his last moments with his father while praying in a chapel. He is now confuse what to feel about his father but he still wanted to spend more time with him.

Samuel survived the surgery. When he woke up, Gabriel called him ‘Papa’ and they both cried. Samuel told him why he had been gone for more than 20 years. His son was just happy to know that he is still alive and urged his father to get well so they can finally continue their revenge. Knowing what Franco did to his father, Gabriel’s hate for the senator increased.

Natalia could not stop her tears having Isabelle back in her life. She is angry thinking that her mother left her for another guy. Meanwhile, Jacq seemed contented with the truth that Isabelle is her real mother. They had grown close since the first time they met.

Ikaw Lamang October 2 Episode Summary: Confrontation Intensifies

Tessa confronted Franco about her place in his life. She is willing to be his mistress just to be with him and promised him that she would stick around for him. He wanted her to keep being professional since his wife is already beside him. Tessa could not accept this and confronted Isabelle that she had been a big part of the family in her absence. Tessa also told Isabelle that she seemed to be unhappy being with Franco. Isabelle said she is happy to be with her daughters and Tessa should take a leave because she has no business with their personal lives.

Hidalgo Family had a meal together. Tessa and Natalia were trying to pick a fight against Isabelle right if front of Franco. Jacq knew they are up to no good and soon console her mother. Isabelle told her to be good with her sister despite Natalia’s character.

Franco knew Samuel survived and planned another way to kill him.

What would Franco be willing to do to keep Isabelle for himself? Would Isabelle be able to tried the truth about her memories? How would Gabriel continue to avenge his family? Read all other Episode Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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