Samuel and Isabelle held each other as they watch the stars and prayed for their lives with each other. They are filled with hopes and dreams. Samuel told her that they can escape as soon as their helicopter comes but Isabelle insisted that they should get Natalia. Samuel said that Natalia is old enough to decide for herself but Isabelle still won’t let go of her hope that Natalia would choose her and Jacq. Jacq told her to think of how hard Samuel and Gabriel had gone through to get them.

Isabelle called Natalia to tell her that she and Jacq would go away but she wants her older daughter to come with her. Natalia can’t leave Franco alone though she knew that the bad things she leaned about her father are true. Isabelle texted her where and when to meet, giving Natalia the burden to choose between her parents since she loves them both. She told Cindy about her dilemma and Tessa accidentally heard about it.

Natalia met Isabelle but the daughter just wanted to tell her that she won’t come. Natalia is letting her mother go and finally says that she can now understand her mother. She is now able to sincerely embrace her mother, unfortunately, Tessa was able to tail them. She informed Franco immediately. Since Isabelle went out without informing anyone, Samuel got worried.

ABS-CBN Ikaw Lamang October 14 Episode Summary: Hour of Reckoning

Natalia was broken hearted, thinking about how much her mother really loves her but she felt like she needs to stay for her father. Isabelle went back to Samuel’s secret house and told Jacq everything. Meanwhile, while on her way home, Natalia saw Franco’s car and she followed.

Samuel and Gabriel tried to convince Isabelle to go with them but she had decided to stay with Natalia for fear that the daughter will suffer the same fate in her father’s hands. Franco was able to finally discover their hideouts not knowing that Natalia was on his tail. They first got Jacq. The chase reached unto the building’s rooftop. Franco was so angry he shouted that even making a big ship explode did nothing to stop Samuel.

Samuel and Gabriel had no choice but to let go of their guns because Franco’s snipers are unto them. The father and son got hit by bullets right in front Isabelle and Natalia. While Isabelle could not stop herself from running towards Samuel’s fallen body, Natalia stayed hidden despite hearing the truth right from her father’s lips.

What will Natalia do now that she had learned the truth and had seen her father kill people? What will happen to Jacq and Isabelle? How will Jacq and Isabelle face the future when their loved ones lay on the rooftop shot by Franco?  Read all other Episode Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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