Gabriel’s team had intercepted the wrong bridal car. Isabelle’s bridal car went into a different route as planned by Franco. The mother and daughters had arrived in the church. Gabriel then shifted to their second plan and went to the church. Jacq told Isabelle that she trusted that Gabriel has other plans to save them.

Franco learned that the father and son are still alive, he could not help but spark his rage at Tessa which did not escape Natalia’s observation. Soon Isabelle went out of the car and with remorse walked down the aisle towards Franco. Franco whispered to her ears warning her not to do anything that would make him take away their daughter away from her. Tessa could not help her tears run down her cheeks.

They had exchanged their vows. As Samuel secretly watched Franco promised that nobody can take her away from him. Isabelle promised him that she would never forget him but told him that she would never change anything, nor her feelings until death, seemingly hinting that she would never love him like she loves Samuel.

ABS-CBN Ikaw Lamang October 10 Episode Summary: Wickedness Will End

At the reception, Samuel’s team was able to secretly get into the place. Franco ironically shared his view to the guests that he learned that he should never give up hope and always fight for his loved ones.

Jacq had seen Gabriel and secretly met him. He explained his plan. Meanwhile Isabelle tried to be a snob to Franco but he warned her not to do anything that would make him hurt her.

Tessa asked Natalia to drink but the younger woman instead asked her about her father’s real character. She wanted to know if her father really could kill people. Jacq told their escape plan to Isabelle. Suddenly, the lights turned off. People were walking blindly when Gabriel grabbed Jacq. She was hesitant because she does not dare to leave her mother. Natalia saw them together.

Franco blindly grabbed Tessa in hope that she is Isabelle. Isabelle had gone missing and Franco seemed to give up in despair knowing Isabelle never wanted to be with him. Gabriel’s team was able to retrieve Isabelle and Jacq, so they left immediately. Natalia came back in but she did not reveal that she saw Jacq and Gabriel.

Did Franco really gave up? Why did Natalia let Jacq go with Gabriel? Will Natalia finally open her eyes to her father’s real character? Is there a real happy ending for Samuel and Isabelle? Is the end coming near? Ikaw Lamang now has only 2 weeks left, never miss one episode. Read all other Episode Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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