In Jacq’s party, the sisters are introduced and Natalia once again promised her younger sister to make her life worse. Jacq just got comfortable when her known parents came by her. They told her to be courageous since her family seemed to have issues.

Samuel told Lupe about Gabriel’s love so she suggested that maybe Jacq and Gabriel’s love in the continuation of Isabelle and Samuel’s love.

At the same time Franco told his guards to attack Samuel’s place. Samuel asked Gabriel to stop their revenge in illegal way but the young man insisted that there is no other way. Gunshots were fired and three hit Samuel. They rushed his to the hospital while Lupe was getting hysterical. Gabriel was seemed to be in a daze. Samuel needed a blood donor and Gabriel volunteered to give his blood because they both have blood type AB. Samuel is about to have a surgery and Gabriel was praying for him.

Ikaw Lamang October 1 Episode Summary: Revelation Erupts

Natalia saw Isabelle and shooed her away because she said poor people are not meant to be there. Natalia called for the security when Jacq saw them and tried to save Isabelle. The sisters had a fight. Franco eventually saw Isabelle and he could not contain himself so he hugged her tight. Isabelle denied knowing him and pretended to have amnesia. Franco was happy to have his whole family back while the two daughters stood in shock.

Isabelle had no choice but to live with her family. Franco had her room ready. Jacq was surprised to know who her real mother is. Natalia could not hide her dismay as the events unfold right in front of her. Jacq felt goos to be with Isabelle though Natalia felt otherwise.

Natalia did not want Jacq and their mom to stay with them. She told Franco that she could not love them. Tessa was also overwhelmed and promised herself that she would not give up Franco. Isabelle decided to continue pretending that she could not remember anything and try to get close with Natalia. Franco promised that they would never be apart anymore and they would bring their past when they had loved each other.

Gabriel finally learned that Samuel is his father, how would this change his outlook in life? Would the sisters finally clash physically? How would Isabelle deal with it? Read all other Episode Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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