While many youngsters would fake their age and make themselves older to have a Facebook account, 113 year old Anne Stoehr had to make her age younger to have hers. Just a few days left before her 114th birthday, she tried to open a Facebook account to have some birthday greetings only to find out that Facebook does not offer her birth year to register.

Stoehr is born on 1900 but the earliest year in Facebook is 1905. She then decided to just declare that her age as 99. Despite her age, she is a true techie person. The video that had been posted by SpiderHD in YouTube tells the story of Stoehr and how she was able to keep up with the technology innovations that had gone around her through the help of Joseph Ramireza, a sales representative of Verizon.

A 113 Year Old Anne Stoehr Makes Her Age Younger Just to Sign-up Facebook Account

Stoehr and Ramireza’s friendship started when he sold an iPhone to Stoehr’s son Harlan Stoehr. The son was telling stories about his mom and Ramireza got curious since Harlan is 85 years old. When he learned the mother’s age, he went to see and and volunteered to teach her. He took half a dozen drive to tech her about internet and technology.

She is able to use an iPad and enjoys the internet like everybody. Ramireza taught her how to use Google and how to send e-mails. Together, the techie friends wrote a letter to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg telling their story and Stoehr saying she’s still here.

According to her son, his mother had always been curious about everything even now.
Stoehr, registered as Minnesota’s most senior citizen, actually enjoys FaceTime and talking with friends she had met online. She will turn 114 years old on October 15 and she ranks as the 7th oldest person oin USA.

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