Teleserye Ikaw Lamang September 2, 2014 Episode Summary: Gabriel was consoling Jacq. She was so worried about her mom since this was the first time she was away from her family. She’s away when her mom needed her the most. He said that she’s a kind daughter. She then asked him for water. He smiled at her as he watch her fall asleep. As they sleep, he thought about their times together in the plane and at Cebu. He seemed happy, but then his phone rang. Calixto wanted to be updated. He reported that Natalia was trusting him again.

The next day, Cindy told Natalia that Gabriel is not so sincere, because he left for the sake of another girl. She told her that Jaqc and Gab are not just friends, but Natalia wanted to trust Gab.

Jacq thanked Gab for  taking care of her. He said he could not bare seeing her cry because she gets ugly. She said that she built up his image to Natalia,when she gets home she will go to the church to clean her conscience for lying. Gabriel called Natalia to say goodbye but promised to make up for leaving so soon. He said he would try hard to get her heart. Jacq pretended to feel itchy because Gab was being sweet with Natalia.

Teleserye Ikaw Lamang September 2, 2014 Episode Summary

Jacq finally got home. Her father was angry at Gab for taking her away. He said that though she seemed like a guy, she was still a girl. He then invited Gab to eat with them. After eating, Jacq got his payment. She asked him when is he going back. He said he will just comeback anytime for new keys. She seemed to have a longing look as she sees Gab walk away from her.

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Jacq recalled her moments with Gabriel. He seemed kind and helpful though cranky at times. A friend visited her while she was thinking and she told her that she can’t love someone who loves another girl. That is a perfect ingredient for heart break.

Calixto told Gab to stop taking along Jacq because she might get hurt because of him. He seemed sad about this.

Jacq remembered the diary that she forgot to put back. She was so worried, but she decided to read it, since it seems to be talking right at her heart. The diary talks about a love that can not be forgotten though time had already passed.

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Jacq finally paid her debts and her parents wanted to tell her that it was suppose to be their responsibility. She insisted that it’s fine for her because they always take care of her,. She then said that she wanted to meet the woman who helped her mom.

Natalia decided to go back to Manila to give Gab chance. Cindy reminded her that her dad does not approve of him. Tessa told her to keep meeting Jacq a secret from her father. She told her father about helping the people in the plantation. He told her to stop getting together with the workers.

Samuel can’t find a job. He was angry at Franco for stealing everything from him. He is still thinking about Isabelle and he was at peace to think that she was dead and free from Franco.

Isabelle needed to find a job to pay for her home. She found out about Natalia’s opening business as she read a newspaper. Isabelle tried to apply.

Jacq seemed to always see Gab everywhere and jealous whenever he talks with Natalia, until when would she be able fight her heart? Would Gab continue to see Jacq despite the risk? Would Natalia and Jaqc recognize their mother when they see her? Read all other Episode Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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