Amids the circulating issues of ‘Bendgate’, friends only known in the video as ‘Cudy’ and ‘Danny’ made a video in their local iPhone store to test the biggest iPhone themselves. The English teenagers tried to bend the displayed iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus units to know whether the issue is true.

As recorded with an iPhone 4, the video’s audio was not clear but it had clearly shown how they forcefully bend the phone as much as they could a couple of times. In the store, the clerk had said that the issue was just an online rumor and there was nothing real about the emerging ‘bendgate’ speculations.

Despite the bravery that they had as they embark to their little adventure, with shaky hands holding their phone to manage capturing their small clip, they were conscious that somebody might notice them and kick them out of the store. They would suddenly stop if thought someone had noticed them. Somehow their managed to bend the phones and it was clear the screen was detaching from the body.

Watch Video of Teenagers Bend iPhone 6 Plus Inside Apple Store

At the end of the video Cudy, one of the friends, apologized for the quality of the video but he clarified that the clerk said that bendgate is just a rumor. They thought it was funny breaking the units in the store itself and they did not care since they believe that Apple is making false advertisement because it hand clearly bended in their bare hands. They promised to redo the video with a better camera if they would have positive feedback. They asked Apple to fix the issue.

The original viral video was taken down by the publisher and was reposted by RazorConcepts on YouTube though he is not involved with the boys in the vid. Now it has more than 700 thousand views since it was reposted on September 29.

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