Meet the Mutant Giant Dog Spider that haunted innocent passersby for a prank and gathered more than 64 million views on YouTube. The video with title Mutant Giant Spider Dog, was uploaded by the account user SA Wardega who has now more than 2 million subscribers.

In the video, Chica the beloved dog of Sylwester Werdega, was dressed into a furry eight legged spider and was unleased. At the first part on this almost 4 minute video, a man holding plastic bags opened the door of the building and was greeted by the furry creature. He was able to jump backwards before dropping the things he was holding and run a few feet. He then looked back at the supposed arachnid and seemed to wonder.

The pranksters even used themselves as the supposed victims that made the giant spider seemed more realistic. Two women run across the parking lot after seeing the spider standing over a guy. Then a couple first got glued on the spot in a park upon seeing a man stuck on a tree by some fake spider webs. The ‘victim’ even seemed to ask for help when Chica run after them.

Watch the Mutant GIant Dog Spider on Viral Videos

The man, on the last part of the vid, saw broken human body parts hanged by webs. He got curious and took pictures with his phone when suddenly the big spider run after him. The man unwittingly got caught in a tangle of web while Chica was able to take a route around it.

According to the post of the uploader on YouTube, he just aimed for 10 million views in a week and was surprised when he had 33 million in just less than 3 days. He thanked those who subscribed and watched.

Some people claimed that they found out about the viral video through Facebook shares and Ellen DeGenere’s tweet. The frightening Chica the Mutant Giant Dog Spider now has a Facebook account created last September 4. References: Facebook, TwitterYoutube

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