Julie Anne San Jose and rapper Abra finallycollaborated in a song entitled ‘Dedma’. Their fans had long been waited for the team up of the two artist.

According to the reports, Julie Anne and Abra themselves wrote their first ever single together. Abra said that he wrote the verses of the lyrics, while Julie Anne worded the chorus and the bridge. They equally did the task. This song produced by Jonathan Ong in Sonic State would surely mesmerize the minds of the listeners.

Though the two artists had long been thinking about the collaboration, they also did it to heed on the requests of the fans. Julie Anne expressed her excitement on the team up since she had been friends with Abra for a long time. She also knew that the people were also waiting for this.

Watch Julie Anne San Jose and Rapper Abra Finally on Song entitled ‘Dedma’

The singer and the rapper aimed to released the song this month and promised to make some time to have a music view.

Julie Anne Peñaflorida San Jose, 19, is a GMA network artist. Julie Anne was first seen on TV when she was three on Eat Bulaga’s segment, Liitle Miss Philippines, but the only  rose to stardom when she joined Popstar Kids in 2005. Though she did not win, she was able to be a part of the singing group Sugarpop in Kapuso networks’ SOP. After SOP, she was able to be a part of Party Pilipinas as a dancer, actress and singer. She is also known to have sung theme songs of GMA primetime dramas.

Raymond Mikael Abranosca or Abra as he had been popularly known, started his stardom as an artist in YouTube. His song ‘Gayuma’had been popular, garnering 26 million views. Abra’s rapping skills had been more respected after joining Filipino Rap Battles, and soon he signed with Ivory Music and Videos.

The two had been supported by their fans and would soon release their song ‘Dedma’ this month of September 2014.

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