The trending new phones are catching the people’s attention once more with its ‘bending’ issue, after the viral videos of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus drop tests got around the social medias.

Apparently, a growing number of iPhone 6 Plus owners reported that their phones had been bent after putting their phones in their pockets. In the MacRumors forums, some of these users shared their frustrations about bent iPhones.

The reported bending of the new iPhone model is not a unique case. There had been similar reports that had surfaced with iPhone 5and iPhone 5S. Some speculates that since the iPhone 6 Plus is thinner and made of aluminum, it tends to bend easier than its predecessors.

Watch iPhone 6 Plus Bending Test Failed [Video]

According to MacRumors, with the size of iPhone 6 Plus, it won’t be able to slide around the pocket. The pressure points from sitting and bending would bend the phone and might totally damage it.

As a response with the issue Lewis Hilsenteger posted a video in his YouTube account Unbox Therapy to show how much pressure out bend iPhone 6 Plus. With his bare hands, he tried to bend hi iPhone 6 Plus which he noted is already a little bent after a few days of using it as a regular phone. His iPhone was bent near the cutouts of the volume buttons. He said that being aluminum, the phone would likely bend but the damage would depend on the tightness of the pants the user was wearing when he put the phone in his front pocket.

The iPhone is still functional but soon Hilsenteger Twitted that when he later on tried to bend it back, the screen cracked.

When put in a pocket, users are advised to use a larger pocket or use iPhone cases. One of best advice it refrain from putting the phone in the pocket or take it out when you are about to sit.

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