In an exclusive story about a 5 year old girl in Benguet, Philippines who started to have her monthly menstruation at the age of 2. As we have been taught in school, puberty starts at pre-teens to early teenage years. When most people thinks kids are growing fast nowadays, puberty is also starting way too earlier than expected in some children.

According to her parents, menstruation is not the only sign of puberty that can be seen in their child, her breast started to form and her pubic hair are growing in her private areas as well. The father seemed to be in dilemma as to what to do, either let her go out of the house or keep her home.

They asked for help as the family had not enough financial stability. With the head of the family only earning 500 pesos a week, it is not enough to take their first child to a specialist.

A 5 Year Old Filipino Girl have Her Monthly Menstruation at the Age of 2 found in Benguet

While the child’s case might be bizarre for most, there had been past cases such as this that had been reported abroad. As said by Dr. Diane Stafford of Children's Hospital in Boston, the pubertal development switch gets to be turned on early. Some American girls start their menstruation as early as 4 or 5.

Update: The Mystery Revealed on 5 Year Old Filipino Girl have Her Early Menstruation

In ABC News, they cited a case of a 5 year old girl who started her menstruation at 4. Her mother first thought of it as a kidney infection but was shocked to know the truth. According to Dr. Andrew Muir of Medical College of Georgia, this phenomenon could be due to many different reasons such as genetics, environment and other unknown causes.

It is important to know the underlying cause of these cases not only because of the uniqueness of the case but also because these children are still young to comprehend what is going on. The parents voiced out their concern for their children’s physical and emotional well being. References: abcnews, gmanetwork

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