An unidentified man jumped off the EDSA flyover in Kamuning last September 3, 2014, Wednesday afternoon. A viral video of the unfortunate event was poted on YouTube under the account of It’sMeYoutube. He was soon identified as Rowel Adora from Quezon City.

As seen in the video, the shirtless man was able to see the yellow cushion that the authority was preparing. He seemed to consider this because after a few minutes, he ran to his right for few feet before jumping and landing at his back on the solid road. The rescuers were unable to foresee his actions and were unable to catch him. He was rushed to East Avenue Medical Center because of critical injuries.

Video: Man Jumps-Off at Edsa Timog Flyover Goes Viral

As posted in the description of the said video in the YouTube, there was no negotiator on the seen. Nobody was seen to communicate with the man nor asked him to step into safety, instead there was a man’s voice, audible in the video, urging the man to jump.

Also, the area was not contained, and as soon as the man hit the concrete, bystanders were able to get close and take picture. As said in the reports, the man had marital problems, resulting to his tragic decision to end his life.

The man,only wearing a pair of plain shorts, was able to commit suicide right at the very eyes of the bystanders on EDSA Timog flyover and the rescuers seemed to be shock by his actions and unable to rush to his rescue. References: remate, inquirer

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