Vhong Navarro with other It’s Showtime hosts Eruption, Billy Crawford, and Coleen Garcia, left for Canada around 3:20 pm on September 17, only a day after Cedric Lee and Zimmer Raz were able to post bail with Php 500,000 each.

The noontime variety show hosts are on their way to Canada for live show performances in Edmonton ( September 21) and in Toronto ( September 20).

As it can be remembered, Navarro filed a case of serious illegal detention against Deniece Cornejo, Cedric Lee and Zimmer Raz in connection with allegedly mauling incident last January.

Navarro voiced out his concern for his family safety upon the temporary release of the accused. He believed that his camp had already passed the evidence that they would make them win the case, unfortunately, the Taguig Regional Trial Court had deemed it not enough and granted Lee, Cornejo and Raz the ability to post bail.

Vhong Navarro Left for Canada as of September 17, 2014

As Lee was about to leave the court, he was asked for some words for Navarro, he left with two words, ‘It’s Showtime’. These words made netizens speculate that he is threatening Navarro.

According to Lee’s lawyer Atty. Howard Calleja, his client did not mean anything malicious and he might just be happy to be finally out. However, he would remind his client to refrain from giving statements that could be misinterpreted.

The alleged mauling was said to have taken place on January 22 and had shock the fans when Navarro posted his photos on January 24. Cornejo later on filed two rape cases against Navarro but was denied by the court. Navarro filed a series of cases against the three including the serious illegal detention that was said to be bailable until the court granted bail based on allegedly lack of evidence. Reference: abs-cbn

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