Franco dropped by Jacq’s house to see her family for himself. He could not take his eyes off her. He asked her parents if they have ever been in Salvacion, but they denied it. He was about to go when Isabelle saw him. She was reminded of her life with Franco and how he threated Andrea. She got nervous. Meanwhile Franco still hated Jacq because he thought she’s Samuel’s child but decided to use her to get back Isabelle. Isabelle promised to her Jacq’s family.

Jacq’s parents’ knew that something was amiss. They immediately warned her about Franco’s lies, but could not explain why. They wanted to move out to another place but Jacq didn’t agree.

Natalia apologized for her jealousy. Gabriel did not accept her peace offering, but denied that they have a problem. Natalia could feel that Gabriel is making distance away from her and she was becoming obsessive. She was hurt when he did not respond to her endearment.

The Unsilence Past on ABS-CBN's Ikaw Lamang September 16 Episode Summary

Gabriel went to visit Jacq because he wanted to see her. She hoped that Gab would stop his revenge, but he seemed undecided. Gabriel could not let go of his vengeful plan, but also wanted to protect Jacq. Isabelle met Gabriel and asked him to stay away from Jacq. She also asked if he met Franco personally and warned him that the senator might be dangerous.

Samuel was able to sell the gold he got from Salvacion and bought Calixto and Gabriel’s freedom from the syndicate. Calixto told Gabriel that they have a new boss but did not elaborate. Samuel even bought a new house. He had decided to help Gabriel in taking revenge. He started by hiring people to protect him.

Tessa told Natalia that Franco got angry at her because of Jacq and Natalia was surprised. Tessa reasoned that she just wanted to keep Jacq out of their lives. She said Franco is now unable to moved on from the past because of Jacq. Natalia asked for Jacq’s address to clear up some things with her. Natalia wanted assurance from her dad that they would forget the past, but he seemed not to agree. She also met Jacq to tell her to stay away and she was met by Isabelle.

What would be Gabriel’s next step? How would Samuel use his new gotten wealth? How would Jacq stay away from Gabriel when everything seemed to connect them? How would Isabelle make her daughters stop hating each other? Until when would Natalia hold on to Gabriel? Read all other Episode Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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