Teleserye Ikaw Lamang September 1, 2014 Episode Summary:Natalia is giving a tour for Gabriel and Jacq. Gabriel made a ball out of a leaf but he gave it to Jacq instead because he thought it’s not good. She was happy and amazed at the ball. He noticed that she easily gets happy with simple things. She said that some people get satisfied with small stuff, unlike him who likes high profile people like Natalia.He said it’s not the looks and wealth that made Natalia attractive for him.

Cindy told Natalia that she should not forgive Gabriel yet. Jacq can’t be just friends with Gabriel. Gab took back his ball. He bought rice cake for Jacq since Natalia did not want anything. Jacq and Gab played with the kids because Natalia are not allowed to play with them by her father ever since she was a child. She seemed jealous.

Suddenly the rain poured. Gabriel wiped Natalia’s hair with his polo and Jacq seemed so sad. Jacq thanked Natalia. She said that Natalia should give Gab a chance since he is kind hearted, protective, respectful and thoughtful. Then, her parents called to tell her that her mom is in the hospital. Her father told her to go home. She got worried and she wanted to go home already. Natalia heard this and she seemed touched.

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Unfortunately, they can’t go back to Manila yet because there was no flight. Gab was worried about Jacq. He was the reason why she was there n the first place. Jacq wanted to swim the ocean. Gab wittingly told her that she wont get home in time.

Natalia invited them to stay for the night. He declined the offer since he did not want her to think he is abusing her. She then asked his real intention why he went there. He told her that he wanted to prove his intentions and love. He told her that he would never let her go. She told him that it is hard to trust people again. He asked for a chance to make her know him more and express his love because people look hard for a special someone, but he said it is Natalia whom he found to love forever.

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Gab and Jacq decided to sleep in the hotel. She cried and he asked for forgiveness because it was him who took her there. She was so sad because her family is the most important thing in the world for her. He said he wished he still had his real parents. She said that he is fortunate enough. He said that she did not know much about him. She cried again and then she hugged Gabriel.

Jacq’s parents were thankful of Isabelle but since she can’t remember her real name,she introduced herself as Dolores. She told them that she just came to Manila. The couple told her that she would soon gain her memories back. They wanted her to meet their daughter Jacq so they invited her to come by their shop. They even told her to ask them for payment. The couple was thankful for having Dolores as their good Samaritan. The told Jacq about her and she said that she would pay her when she gets back.

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Isabelle got home and told her friend about her day. She was envious of their family.

Tessa is no investigating Jacq’s life. Tessa asked Franco if he had any lead about Isabelle. She said that Isabelle could be dead, but he said he would cling to any hope no matter how small but Franco said Andrea is not his child. He did not care about her.

Samuel was praying that Isabelle is now at peace. He believes that she died. He decided to look for a job and start over again.

Would Gabriel hold on to his plans though somehow he feels something special for Jacq? Would Jacq risk having heartache? Would Natalia trust Gabriel and Jacq? Read all other Episode Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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