Jacq continued to read wasabelle’s diary. It talks about being unafraid whenever she was with her loved one. Jacq wondered if such love really exist. Samuel met an old friend and learned where Lupe and Calixto stayed.

Jacq’s parents noticed her glow and happiness, but they said that she should not hurry to get in love. Jacq just feels happy whenever she was with Gabriel, but feels shy at the same time too. She always misses him. She told Isabelle about this and asked about her experience, but Dolores/Isabelle wanted to know who was the guy. Isabelle told her that what she felt was ‘love’. Jacq insisted that it could not be so, because she did not expect to fall for a guy like him.

Gabriel visited her and she just stared at him for a while. She asked what he liked about Natalia. He said that Natalia was pretty, sweet and smart. While chatting, Natalia called Gabriel. Jacq was about to feel bad when the rain started. They ended up playing in the pouring rain, and they seem happy and enjoying each other’s company.

TV-Series Ikaw Lamang September 5, 2014 Episode Summary: The Past Returns

Jacq’s parents said that they should not play in the rain. They invited Gab to eat with them, but he still needed to see Natalia. Her father seemed to notice Jacq’s change of mood. Her mom told her that it was okay to be friends with Gabriel, but she needed to know her limitations.

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Natalia met Gabriel to ask him if he was hiding something. Natalia told him about Tessa’s conclusion, and asked him about his sincerity. He said he was sincere and she felt guilty and admitted that though she was Franco’s daughter, she does not need anybody perfect because she was not perfect herself.

Gabriel got sick and Calixto promised to pick up the keys and meet Jacq, but Lupe asked him to come home to tell him that she saw Samuel. Gabriel called Natalia and told her he’s sick. Jacq also learned that Gabriel got sick.She planned to go to his condo, but Natalia also did the same.

Would Natalia finally confront Jacq and ask her to back off? Would the sisters fight over Gabriel? Would Gabriel finally meet Samuel again? Did Isabelle really lost her memories? Would Natalia finally learn about her father’s greed? Read all other Episodes Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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