Gabriela and other bloggers unleashed their outrage over the fashion show promotion of clothing brand Bench entitled The Naked Truth. Former representative of Gabriela and one or the authors of RA 9710 (Magna Carta of Women), Liza Maza posted her reactions of her Facebook account that was immediately shared and spread all over the various social medias.

For Maza, the fashion show last September 20 was ‘dehumanizing’ women. She had specifically pin pointed Coco Martin’s walk in the runway together with a woman model on a leash as degrading women’s portrayal and asked the apparel brand to apologize.

Maza also posted on her Facebook an article from, the official website of  Working for Empowerment and Good Governance (WeGovern) Institute, Inc. which she is now a head. The article quoted Maza saying that they would not allow such treatment of women just for profit after they had worked had support women’s rights.

The Naked Truth Fashion Show by Bench Got Slammed for Allegedly Dehumanizing Portrayal of Women

In the opinion of authors, Coco Martin’s walk was very demeaning and crossing the line. For them, the model seemed to be Martin’s pet in all fours. They then encouraged people to speak up their thoughts about the one of the most awaited fashion show in the country.

As posted in yahoo, Bench had highly intensified the gender disparities. In the author’s opinion, Bench seemed to send a message that women should be submissive and be proud to be a pet of men. The author also thought that it seemed that Bench proved that out country is still far from reaching gender equality.

While many had looked forward to the event because of the stars who walked the ramp, many also had voiced their interpretations after the show when The Naked Truth photos flooded the social medias. Philippines is a democratic country, Filipinos are free to say and post their opinions. While some see the Bench fashion as expression of art, others can also freely say what they think about the show. Bench has not yet released their official statement about the issue. References: theplumpinay, yahoo, facebook, gmanetwork

Update: Bench Apologized About the 'Offensive Elements' of The Naked Truth Fashion Show

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