Here was the revelation of mystery on A 5 year old Filipino girl who have her monthly menstruation at the age of 2 that was found in Benguet. The girl grew up in Buguias, Benguet with her parents who had voiced out their concern and worry every time she goes to school since other kids might bully her. As seen in the report, Strawberry ha a very different physique with her classmates with the same age. Her teacher, Isabel Anong, said that she does well in school despite of her condition.

For most people it is a mystery for a 5 year old girl, called ‘Strawberry’ by Kapuso Network, to have a regular menstruation starting at the age of 2. According to GMA News 24 Oras, the girl’s breast had started developing.

Kapuso took the girl together with her family in a specialist in Manila to know the mystery behind her regular menstruation that normally starts in pre-teens to early teen years. According to the studies done to her, Strawberry has a tumor or nodule. As explained by Dr. Leilani Mercado-Asis, the noted tumor could be the reason why the girl has an excessive amount of estrogen in her body. This hormone controls the menstruation of a woman.

The Mystery Revealed on A 5 Year Old Filipino Girl have Her Monthly Menstruation at the Age of 2 Found in Benguet

In Strawberry’s case, the estrogen production was not controlled. while the case is unusual, Dr. Asis said that there is an injectable medicine that can help in controlling the secretion of estrogen, however, with the limited financial resources of the family, they are unable to provide it to the girl. GMA Kapuso Network aims to help the girl by collecting donations for her medications.

Watch: A 5 Year Old Filipino Girl have Her Monthly Menstruation at the Age of 2

While the case is unusual, ABC News also encountered a similar case in USA where a five year old girl started to have regular menstruation at 4 years old. The girl’s condition was discovered to be due to her thyroid problems that could also be controlled.

Strawberry’s case is unusual and she needs help to have a normal life every kid has a right for. For your donations, you can send it to GMA Kapuso Foundaton Inc.

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