Ladies’ Code member EunB passed away in a car crash in South Korea early morning of September 3, as reported by MBC. EunB and the driver died, while the other five passengers, including Kwon Rise and Lee So Jung were rushed to the hospital.

According to the circulating news, around 1:20am, the van of the K-POP rising group Ladies Code slipped down the wet road and hit the expressway wall in Singal Intersection of Yeondong Expressway towards Incheon. The accident was near 43km point. The cause of the accident is still under the investigation of the authorities. EunB was declared to have died on the spot., meanwhile the two other members of the all ladies group, Kwon Rise and Lee So Jung, were reportedly in critical condition and currently under surgery.
Singer EunB of Korean Pop Group Ladies' Code Died on Car Accident

As seen in the photos released, most of the impact was at the rear of the van on the driver’s side.

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Upon knowing the tragic fate of the young star, a number of celebrities expressed their condolences and sadness in their social media accounts, including Super Junior’s Eru and Ryeowook, APink, Lee Kiseop of U-KISS, and Seulong and Jo Kwon of 2AM. Fans are also devastated and sends their love and farewells to EunB with various social media accounts.

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Ladies Code is under the Polaris Entertainment with five members named with codes:  Ashley (Choi Bi Na or Ashley Choi), Funky Code (Lee So Jung or SoJung), Pure Code (Kwon Ri Sae or Rise), Pretty Chic Code (Kim Joo Mi or Zuny), and the late Lovely Code ( Go Eun Bi or EunB). Their songs included  "Bad Girl", "I Won't Cry", "Hate You", "Kiss Kiss", "So Wonderful", and "Pretty Pretty."

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On behalf of CenterTechNews, we extend our condolences to the family and friends of EunB.Reference: koreaboo

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