Samsung revealed the Galaxy Note 4, the newest smartphone to be on the market, a week before Apple Inc. releases its newest iPhone. The new design has 5.7in display, embedded in a metal frame, clearly competing against Apple iPhone 6 that is said to also have a larger screen than its previous versions.  Critics say that this is an even to get back in the game as they had disappointed consumers with previous design.

Galaxy Note 4 takes advantage of the changing trend of phone use. People are now into gaming apps and stylus pen usage. eBook reading is now on trend since they can easily have a library in their phone. With people now using chat apps and emails more than making calls, the wide screen display trend that Samsung started is that that bothersome anymore when having phone calls.

Samsung Revealed Galaxy Note 4 the Newest Smartphone of September 2014

Meanwhile, analysts say that though the phone features multitasking and latest hardware specs, there is nothing exciting on the new phone. It lacks a distinctive feature that is unique from the past Samsung smartphones. Other than that, smaller companies are also developing smartphones with competitive features at a lower price.

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Xiaomi Inc. defeated Samsung Electronics in the Chines market during the second quarter of the year. Some say that part of the loss was due to S5 that failed the satisfaction of the consumers.

According to Ben Wood, an industry analyst, the move of Samsung from metal to plastic cases had been a wrong decision.

While Galaxy Note 4 has 16MP rear camera and high definition display, the company must competitively price their devices to be able to come up against the fast emerging companies and Apple.

Analysts also tip off that this year’s third quarter, Samsung would lose more money at around $6.86 billion, the biggest loss for the last three years. Reference: Gma news

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