Isabelle finally met Natalia but the daughter didn't respect the older woman. Isabelle is heart broken to see her daughters fighting. She knew Natalia grew up without the right guidance.

Tessa asked forgiveness from Franco and gave him the list of the ship’s survivors. Jacq’s family was on the list. His suspicion grew stronger. Franco is still angry at Tessa and does not trust her fully anymore. She promised to do everything for him.

Gabriel learned that Natalia went to see Jacq. Natalia was very angry at Jacq for calling her rude and disrespectful. She would not back down and promised to prove Jacq that they are not on the same level.

Gabriel was happy to have a new boss but did not know that it is Samuel. Calixto just told him that their boss won’t always be available to meet them.

The Revenge at its Fullest on ABS-CBN's Ikaw Lamang September 17 Episode Summary

Gabriel could not stop thinking about Jacq. He told Calixto that he is beginning to be annoyed by Natalia’s attitude, but he has to continue his plan.

Jacq kept on thinking about Gabriel. She did not know whether to be happy that Gabriel loves her or feel bad that he did not chose her. Jacq is having a hard time thinking how she could stay away from Gabriel. He has his priorities and she could not compete with that.

Franco went out while Gabriel is outside. When he saw that France was gone, he called Natalia to let him in. He could now drive any expensive car he wanted because of Samuel. Natalia was surprised. Gabriel told her that he missed her just to make her trust him more. She gave him a tour of the house which made him very interested. He secretly went to Franco’s study to find some evidence against the senator, unfortunately, Franco unexpectedly went home to fetch his phone. Cindy found him and pretended to look for the comfort room.

Gabriel seduced Natalia in her room but Franco made it at home in time. He needed to escape through the window and jumped off the house in time to hide from him but not before intentionally leaving his sunglasses to make Franco angry. Natalia promised her father that if something happened to Gabriel, he would lose her.

Would Natalia really be able to leave her beloved father for Gabriel? Could Gabriel really hurt Natalia? Would Jacq finally do something to stay away from Gabriel? Read all other Episode Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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