Nine real life couples accepted the challenge of ‘I Do’, ABS-CBN’s newest realiserye hosted by Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo. Out of nine, there will be only one who would be saying ‘I do’ in their dream wedding.

For the first time in Philippine television history, a village was built with the help of Profriends. Eleven houses in all, this ‘I Do’ village will house the couples and staff for 10 weeks. The couples will be tested and pushed to the limits while learning more about marriage life, and in the end only one couple will survive.

Realiserye ‘I Do’ of ABS-CBN Hosted by Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo: Complete List of Couples

As they begin, let’s get to know the Nine real life couples accepted the challenge of ‘I Do’, ABS-CBN’s newest realiserye.

1. Carlo and Kara, a couple from Quezon City, has been together for 11 years. At the age of 30, Carlo is two years alder than Kara. They had been living together for more than 10 years. Carlo is a model- freelance photographer while Kara is a singer-composer. Both are artists at heart.
couple Carlo and Kara on Realiserye ‘I Do’ of ABS-CBN

2. Chad and Sheela, the couple from Rizal, are both 25 and has been in a relationship for seven years. While Chad is an oc-call waited, Sheela is a baker.
Couple Chad and Sheela on Realiserye ‘I Do’ of ABS-CBN

3. Chris and Karen. Despite the 19 years of age gap, Chris and Karen has been hooked on each other for 3 years. While she is a radio DJ and model from Pasig, Chad is a businessman from Mandaluyong.
Couple Chris and Karen on Realiserye ‘I Do’ of ABS-CBN

4. Kaizer and Jza Jza are together for 8 years and living together for 5 years. They are both from Davao. Kaizer finally formally faced Jza Jza’s mom only before they went to the I Do village. He said he had been summoning up all his courage to say sorry to her mom for taking away Jza Jza.
Couple Kaizer and Jza Jza on Realiserye ‘I Do’ of ABS-CBN

5. Harry and Princess, together for a year, met in Miss Earth Philippines where he was a judge and she was the project developer. Harry, a British-Filipino, is a professional Rugby player while Princess is an event organizer. Princess does not think that marriage is forever. Since she had a broken family.
Couple Harry and Princess on Realiserye ‘I Do’ of ABS-CBN

6. Christian and Chelsea are just three months as a couple, but they are willing to embark on a journey towards marriage. Christian is a British Filipino while Chelsea is an American Chinay. Both of them are models and they met at a shoot.
Couple Christian and Chelsea on Realiserye ‘I Do’ of ABS-CBN

7. Emil and Honey are not just love partners for five years but also business partners in real life. They are from Baguio City.
Couple Emil and Honey on Realiserye ‘I Do’ of ABS-CBN

8. Miko and Marie are struggling to stand on their own as a couple with their baby. They wanted to make up to their parents and prove that they can have a happy family despite their young age.
Couple  Miko and Marie on Realiserye ‘I Do’ of ABS-CBN

9. Jimmy is a Korean and Kring is a Pinay. Though they are from different cultures, they promised to love each other forever. While is a the Merchandise Department Head, she is a Marketing Manager.
Couple  Jimmy ang Kring on Realiserye ‘I Do’ of ABS-CBN

Join the nine couples as they journey towards the marriage life. Together with them, learn the ingredients for a happy love life and what it takes to be a strong, committed and satisfied husband and wife.

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