Franco was fired up with anger. He found out about Natalia’s relationship with Gabriel and he feared to lose her. Later on, the couple met and she told her about her father’s rage. Gabriel asked to break up with her for her sake but Natalia professed that she could leave her father for him. They hugged and he secretly smiled with malicious intent. He asked her to elope and she excitedly agreed. He pretended to be equally hyped by the idea.

Natalia packed her things and seemed sure about Gabriel’s love for her. She waited in a restaurant while Gabriel watch her from afar. She got bored and finally left. The father and daughter had a fight. She thought that Franco is being unreasonable while the father thinks that Gabriel is breaking their family.

Lupe finally discovered that Samuel and Calixto are planning something. she got angry when she learned of the secret plans of the two. She asked Calixto to stop Gabriel but he said they could not stop anymore and admitted that Gabriel is able to be Natalia’s girlfriend. Lupe was heart broken to know that Gabriel was still not able to move on from the past.

Pouring All for Love on ABS-CBN's Ikaw Lamang September 18 Episode Summary

Franco went again to meet Jacq. She gave him a tour around their village. He asked her about Gabriel and she said that they are just acquaintances. Franco went home and learned that they tried to elope but Natalia got home in time. Natalia cried in her room because Gabriel did not meet her and she got confused. She told her dad that Gabriel is a good person.

Gabriel asked Jacq to stop meeting Franco. She told him to stop but he said that he is just making Franco payback. She believed that his pain is not enough reason to hurt anybody especially that Natalia is deeply in love with him.

Tessa suggested to have a party for her birthday. Franco asked her to invite Gabriel so he could finally meet the guy that hooked Natalia. Franco had Jacq’s bag was snatched to get a sample of her DNA to prove that Natalia and her are sisters.

Would Gabriel finally see his father? Would Franco finally meet Gabriel and succeed in showing Natalia that they should not be together? Would Jacq stay away from Franco or continue to protect Gabriel by lying? Read all other Episode Summary of Ikaw Lamang here.

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