James Reid was hurt on Falls Off Stage incident at Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2014. Reid posted his photo in his Instagram account jaye.wolf, showing a rather visible gash on his left arm due to the fall. He even said in the caption that it was the aftermath of the show and hope that everyone enjoyed the show. The photo garnered more than 22 thousand likes.

James Reid got showers of praises and appreciations after he incidentally fell off stage during the Cosmopolitan Tower 69 Bachelor Bash on Wednesday, September 24.

The 21 year old singer- actor was wearing a black velvety vest when he got out of the stage singing ‘Take You Down’ by Chris Brown while dancing down the ramp. He took off his vest and sung then as he turns and continue to swooning the audience with his almost perfect physique, he fell down the noticeable rectangular hole that had been in the middle of the stage. On the video, people’s gasp was clearly audible as he disappears for a moment.

Photo of James Reid Hurt on Falls Off Stage Incident at Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2014

James Reid did not stop the performance, instead, he climbed up the hole with finesse and did not even show any hint if he ever got hurt. He continued the performance until he was joined by the other hunks from different entertainment networks for their final walk.

Fans posted their awe as they see his professionalism. As they said in show business, the show must go on, and that is what he actually did. A lot had said that he still seemed great despite the truth that he actually got hurt.

Reid recently signed a contract with ABS-CBN and is now starring in a new TV series ‘My App Boyfie’ with his onscreen partner Nadine Lustre. The love team rose to stardom  after leading in the movies ‘Talk Back and You’re Dead’ and ‘Diary ng Panget’

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