Teleserye Ikaw Lamang September 4, 2014 Episode Summary: Tessa went to Jacq’s house and pretended to ask questions about their business. She noticed that Tessa’s questions were all about her. Tessa even asked for her birth certificate which her parents were able to provide. She still had doubts since Jacq really looked like Isabelle and decided to keep her away from Franco.

Lupe gave rice cakes to Gabriel so he could give them to Natalia. Natalia told Gabriel about her fight with her dad and he said that she had a point. She told him that she understands her father because her mom had been unfaithful. She voiced out her hate for Samuel, which she didn’t know is Gabriel’s father. Gabriel said that what’s important is they are together.

They went on a date and Gabriel seemed irritated when Natalia seemed picky when he offered the rice cakes made by her mom, so he instead, gave them to Jacq. Jacq sincerely appreciated them. Gabriel noticed that there is something different in her and he got worried, but she shooed him away then hugged the rice cakes when he was gone.

Teleserye Ikaw Lamang September 4, 2014 Episode Summary: Knowing the Real Character

Tessa finally met and grilled Gabriel,but pretended that it was a coincidence to meet them in a French restaurant. He managed to keep his cool while Tessa asked so many questions and tried to catch him lie. She asked about his college, and business. Natalia was unable to stop her. She fired questions and Gabriel had to lie.

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Tessa told Natalia that Gabriel is suspicious. She knows Gabriel is pretending and warned her because they did not know his intentions. She even reported her findings with Franco and he insisted to see Gabriel. He ask her to keep Natalia away from Gabriel. Natalia is now worried and Cindy convinced her to confront Gabriel.

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Isabelle finally found a home to rent near Jacq’s home. She had a feeling that a fresh start is at hand though she still feels the emptiness inside. Jacq promised to frequently visit her. When they talked about house chores, Isabelle said she did not know a lot of them, so Jacq suggested that maybe she was rich.

Gabriel’s plans are in danger in Tessa hands, would he be able to still win Natalia’s heart?
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