Men’s magazine model, Alyzza Agustin, got into a widely spread controversial of being involved with a high ranking police after she had posted a status on how she had gotten away with a traffic violation after using the officer’s business card. After bragging on Facebook that she was not reprimanded, her post did not get away from the prying eyes of netizens.

On the said post of the FHM model, she showed the business card of PNP Directorate for Plans Police Dir. Alexander Ignacio. At the back of the card, there is a short note asking anyone to assist his ‘EA’, accompanied by his signature. She then put a caption saying that she was once again caught wit a traffic violation and because of the said card, she was able to sway away from any reprimands and then ended it with a hashtag, #happy kid.

Men’s Magazine Model named Alyzza Agustin Controversial Issue with Police Official’s Card

She did not, however, discuss the meaning of EA so people had speculated as to what it stands for. Some people even voiced out that it might have meant ‘Extrang Asawa’ and Agustin is the officer’s mistress. The post had been deleted and the model’s account had been deactivated as it had been topics of different views on social networking sites. Dir. Ignacio is yet to release a statement as he is currently out of the country according to PNP spokesperson Wilben Mayor.
Did model dodge violation ticket with help of police official’s card?
Photo Courtesy of Inquirer
Alyzza Agustin had been dubbed as one of the 100 Sexiest Woman in the World by FHM last year. Reference: inquirer

Update: Alyzza Agustin Apologized About the Controversial Issue

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