Manny Pacquiao finally calls Floyd Mayweather an uneducated person over the new Instagram post of the American boxer calling him Miss PacMan. Boxing fans had been dreaming of a fight between the two boxing champs in a ring, however, they just seem to fight in the online social medias.

It was last Friday, September 26, when Mayweather once again taunt Pacquiao in his Instagram as he posted a photo of the Filipino champ seemingly knocked out in a ring fight. He then captioned it with that it would be his coming ‘DVD’ called ‘3 Ways to Sleep’. He even called PacMan broke and desperate.

In 24 Oras exclusive interview, Manny Pacquioa said that instead of feeling angry, he felt bad for Mayweather because he acted like an uneducated person. The Filipino icon promised to pray for him.

Manny Pacquiao Calls Floyd Mayweather an Uneducated Person Over the Instagram Post

In an interview with ESPN UK, Mayweather demanded that the fight would only be covered by Showtime pay-per-view though he knew Pacquiao’s fights are covered by its rival network, HBO. Though the two networks had been known to be rivals, they were able to work together in 2002 to broadcast the fight of Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis. The other demand was that the fight must be done by Mayweather Promotions.

Last week, PacMan Twitted after Mayweather admitted All Access was staged, saying that the show’s authenticity reflects Mayweathers desire to fight him in a mega-fight. Recently, Mayweather added two conditions in his seemengly endless list that he would only fight Pacquiao if his team would manage everything.
Pacquiao is now training to defend his WBO welterweight title from Chris Algieri who is also an undefeated American boxer. The fight would be in Macau on November. Meanwhile, Maywaeather was successful in still keeping his no-lose record against Marcos Maidana. Reference: gmanetwork

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