UNO, Philippines’ local men’s magazine broke their silence after Jinri Park accused them of using her photos without her permission. They invited Jinri Park and her manager to discuss the issue that caught the attention of the netizens on Tuesday, September 2.

Over Twitter, the Korean celebrity voiced out her frustration when she learned that the men’s magazine used her photos as the cover of the month. She urged her fans not to support the magazine.

She called it absurd that she did not know anything about the action of the magazine’s management. She even revealed that even her manager also was not informed. She felt that it was unprofessional and asked her fans to spread her message.

Jinri Park Cover and UNO Local Men’s Magazine in Philippines Issue

Her manager claimed to be trying to communicate with the publisher and the editor of the concerned magazine but to no avail. Then according to abs-cbn news, on September 3, the Uno magazines released a statement saying that the photos were taken a year ago. They kept the photos but did not publish them because they learned that Ms. Park went back to Korea to study acting.
Jinri Park tweets fans not to support her UNO magazine cover

When the management learned that the Korean artist was back, they finally decided that it is the right time to print the photos as their cover to support their favorite celebrity. The magazine’s management did it with good intention and did not meant any harm.

They said that the celebrities they had worked with could attest that they work with integrity and good will. They had invited Park and her manager to resolve the issue that had been circulating in social media.

Jinri Park is a Korean -born model, Radio DJ and now starting to be a local actress. She grew up in Cebu since she was six and adapted with the Filipino culture.

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