Netizens showered Jamich with bashings about Jam’s post of his desire to save money for an iPhone 6. While real-life and YouTube sensation couple Jamich had love and support showered on them as they revealed Jam Sebastian’s struggle with stage IV lung cancer.

In Jam’s post in their official Facebook account, he said that he had long been waiting for iPhone to release a its bigger version since he had always been an avid consumer of the said company. He voiced out his excitement and his desire to have the latest model of iPhone.

Fans shared their disappointments as they comment in Jam’s post. They said that they even sacrificed their own gadgets just to donate for his treatments. Some suggested that he should save money for his hospital fees instead.

Jam of Jamich YouTube Sensation Reaction to iPhone 6 Issue

Jam then clarified in his Facebook that they had never asked for any donations. He admitted that there had been a charity concert for him but that was a way of his celebrity friends to help him with his condition. He assured that all the donations that had been given by their fans all went to his medications. He even said that nobody could think about luxuries if he is unwell. He even said that his family has enough money to buy what they want.

In  “Aquino and Abunda Tonight”, actress-host Kris Aquino and manager-host Boy Abunda gave advice to the couple. Abunda said that he understood how Sebastian feels since he himself had been in hospital due to live abscess, however it is important to also be sensitive in everything that has to be posted online. He further said that some things might not be suitable to post online, and if something has been posted then it is open for anybody’s interpretation.

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Aquino then said that the couple should be sensitive because the fans are the ones who would fight and support them.

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