Daniel Padilla finally admitted that the viral scandal audio/video circulating in social media was infant his voice. After gathering up courage and coming out with the truth, a lot netizens and fans admitted that it was an admirable bold step that had taken guts.

Though Padilla ,dubbed as Teen King, did not name the friend who recorded the conversation, he had said that certain things like that happen. He shared that he isn’t close with the person but still had considered him as a friend.

It was Friday when Padilla joined the other gorgeous stars in the ramp of Bench’s The Naked Truth, and the scandalous video was anonymously posted in YouTube. The voice talked about a smelly guy wearing a leather jacket and seemed to have an image of Green Day band member Billy Armstrong. People interpreted that he is describing Sam Conception. Then the voice talked about a girl, who some people thought as Jasmine Curtis-Smith, texting him. He expressed his excitement when the girl replied to his text.

How Daniel Padilla Admitted Audio Recording Scandal and How Sam Concepcion & Jasmin Curtis Reacted

When asked about her reaction, actress-host Curtis-Smith said that she did not even realize that it was her Padilla was talking about. She admitted that she was indeed texting Padilla but it was only about her father, James Ernest, who had surgery during the filming MMFF entry where she co-starred with the Teen King. She also wanted to express her assurance to the Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo’s love team fans that she was not interested in breaking the alleged couple. She also shared that she and her boy friend Sam Conception already talked about the issue and understood each other.

Padilla said he was thankful that his rumored girlfriend and onscreen loveteam partner was able to forgive him. He also appreciates his family, friends and fans for still supporting him despite the scandal. The young actor also said that he made a mistake and he is ashamed that Conception and Curtis-Smith were dragged into it, so he asked the people to spare the couple. References: abs-cbnnewsinteraksyon

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