Jennifer Lawrence, Oscar-award winning actress, already communicated with the authorities to get the culprit responsible for stealing and posting her nude photos online that started last Sunday. Apple and FBI are now looking into different theories.

The private photos circulating online included those of Kate Upton, Rihanna and Ariana Grande. Victoria Jutice said that the nude photos of her are all made up while Mary Winstead expressed her frustrations on her Twitter account.

The photos were unclear whether they are real private photos of famous actresses, models and athletes. According to Lawrence’s spokeswoman, this is clearly a blatant violation of privacy. They vowed to make authorities search and persecute those who not only stole the photos but also those who shared and posted them on various sites.

Hollywood Celebrity Jennifer Lawrence Contacts Authorities Related to Private Photos Uploaded Online

The FBI gave word that they are now addressing the issue and will pursue those duplicating and sharing the images of stolen photos.

The photos were first posted on a image sharing site called 4chan. The uploader denied hacking any accounts and said that he/she is just a collector hoping to sell them on a higher price.

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Meanwhile, Apple is also doing their own investigation since the initial theory of hacking is through their online storage data base called iCloud. This app is used to synchronize all images saved in iPhone, iPad and Mac of the account user. However, another theory is that the photos could have been acquired through a loophole in Apple’s app ‘Find my iPhone’. Though the company is said to have fixed it already, there could be a possibility that a hacker was able to get into the photos long before the issue was addressed.Some reports say that the photos could have been collected for long time. The issue is now making a buzz about the safety of individual’s  privacy online.

The affected celebrities promised to take actions with the help of the authorities while Apple is hoping to find and persecute the culprit to gain back their reputation as a company who values the privacy of their consumers.

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